Fan HQ Certificates of Authenticity program includes two components:

  1. An exclusive serial numbered hologram placed on the signed item.
  2. A Fan HQ Certificate of Authenticity card with a matching hologram. The card details whether the autograph was signed at a Fan HQ hosted event (public or private) or if the item was signed at a non-HQ event. Each type of COA includes Fan HQ’s lifetime guarantee of authenticity!
    • Any item with an affixed Fan HQ hologram and accompanying COA card is guaranteed to pass third party examination (PSA/DNA, Beckett Authentication, James Spence). If for any reason an item does not pass or is results are inconclusive, the purchaser is eligible for a full refund of the item purchase price and the authentication fee!

The Fan HQ exclusive events below include the following sequential serial-numbered holograms. The logging program began in early 2020. Items with Fan HQ holograms with serial numbers outside the ranges below were not previously recorded but are still guaranteed authentic with the two-part authenticity components outlined above.

Rest assured, if it came from HQ – It’s AUTHENTIQ!


Zach Parise Private Signing – 3-11-2020 – Holograms T220570 through T220656

Mitch Garver Private Signing – 5-4-2020 – Holograms T220658 through T220736

Tony Oliva Private Signing – 5-28-2020 – Holograms T220738 through T220758

Ken Landreaux Private Signing – 5-4-2020 – Holograms T220760 through T220773

Bud Grant – 6-9-2020 – Holograms T220775 through T220882

Zach Parise – 6-9-2020 – Holograms T220914 through TT220932

Kent Hrbek – 6-9-2020 – Holograms T220934 through T220999 and T217000 through T217029

Randall McDaniel – 6-10-2020 – Holograms T220884 through T220912

Neal Broten – 6-11-2020 – Holograms T217031 through T217119

Mick Tingelhoff – 6-12-2020 – Holograms T217121 through T217145

Scott Studwell – 6-15-2020 – Holograms T217147 through T217196

Darin Mastroianni – 6-16-2020 – Holograms T221762 through T221792

John Randle – 6-16-2020 – Holograms T217198 through T217369

Max Kepler – 6-18-2020 – Holograms T217371 through T217499 and T217500 through T217XXX

Antoine Winfield 6-22-2020 – Holograms T

Jack Morris – 6-23-2020 – Holograms T

Chad Greenway – 6-23-2020 – Holograms T

Tony Oliva – 6-24-2020 – Holograms T